Dr Blair was born in the Kulin Nation, lives in Darkinjung Country on the Central Coast of NSW and works in Cammeraygal Country at the Australian Catholic University. Nerida has spent three decades working in universities in NSW and Victoria and over one decade in the Public Service Canberra; Department of Education, Department of Foreign Affairs and with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in Sydney. Education is her passion with her believing that education is the most powerful tool that Indigenous peoples have to fully engage in a safe and fulfilling lifestyle; education that is participatory, imag-ined, creative, holistic, sensual and story-based. Her PhD entitled 'Privileging Australian Indigenous Knowledge. Sweet Potatoes, Spiders, Waterlilys & Brick Walls'. was published by Common Ground Press in 2015. Her current research interests include; Indigenous Knowings,ethics, white fragility and Indigenous leadership.